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      I just wanted to let you know that ever since we started feeding our two Golden Retrievers Ex-Cell dog food, their coats are beautiful and shiny. Before, we always struggled with severe food allergies, tried numerous different foods, grain free, etc... Nothing  worked until we tried Ex-Cell!! Just wanted you to know this:) - Marjo

      Since we have been giving our dog, Shadow, the Ex-Cell Pro dog food, we have seen a remarkable improvement in appearance and physique. He has gained muscle mass and his coat has drastically improved. He is very alert and active. Even our vet has commented on the excellent health our dog has. I would recommend this dog food to any one who wants their pet to live a healthy, happy life. -VinnIn the spring of 2010, our chocolate lab started to lay around and act as if she had arthritis. We were recommended to try Ex-Cell Pro dog food. We tried it and within weeks she had become a totally different dog. She was back to her normal running, jumping, and barking. At the age of 7, it seems she has the personality of a puppy again. -Travis

     I have 4 dogs. When Gary approached my daughter about having us try some of the dog food and telling us we would be using less because they would not eat as much, I told her "He is giving you a line." Well to say the least, we did try it and found out he was right . The dogs love the food and I use to use 3 to 4 bags a month of food. Now with Ex-Cell I use only 2 bags a month. The cost is less and the quality of the food is so much better than the the food I had been buying at the grocery store. I am very pleased with Ex-Cell and have recommended it to people who are at the dog park we go to. Thank you so much for introducing us to Ex-Cell.-Susan

     I am so glad I tried Ex-Cell dog food for my Yorkshire Terrier, Rocco ! It has changed my dog's life!! I had him on dog food that was "all-natural" and "limited ingredient". However, Rocco was suffering-- his coat was not shiny and he developed scaly, itchy bumps on his back. They were flaky and looked so bad, in addition to being uncomfortable for him. My friends at work suggested the Ex-cell dog food. I looked into it and thought it was definitely worth a try. I am so pleased!! Within a week Rocco's coat lost  those awful, scaly raised bumps. He actually enjoyed eating again! Rocco not only looks better, but he feels better too! I am so glad I found a dog food that is TRULY good for my dog!! Now I recommend this food to every dog owner I know! -G Slagill, Dillsburg PA

     My dog Ben is a 90 lb. German Shepherd/Collie mix. I always give "Big Ben" 3 cups of dog food daily,1-1/2 in the morning and 1-1/2 in the evening according to package instructions and vet instructions for his weight. I used to give Ben " Rachel Rays" Nutrish Dog food when we first brought him home from the rescue. Later, when introduced to Excell, we switched and continued to give him his 3 cups daily.He always seemed to like it, and I like the fact that it was more nutritious for him , and it was cheaper than what I was paying ! Months went by, and one time I ran out of dog food. Since I remembered while up at the grocery store, I thought I'd pick up a bag of the Nutrish again just because I was there and we needed some immediately. I gave Ben the same amount of dog food that I always do. (3 cups daily ) This time however, even after he ate the Nutrish dog food , he seemed unsatisfied. He acted all antsy and acted like I  had not even fed him yet. He kept wanting more so I gave him more.This led me to believe that he feels more nourished and satisfied with the Excell dog food,and that his body is getting more of what it needs from the Excell. For Ben's sake and for the sake of my pocketbook , I don't want to run out of Excell again !!! -Jill   

     I have an 11year old Lab/Husky mix who developed a rash on his stomach that no medication seemed to cure. We heard that some types of mass produced and highly processed foods may cause this. We switched to Ex-cell Pro which is NOT one of those types of foods. The rash disappeared within a few weeks and on top of that, our grass no longer gets brown where he relives himself. I highly recommend this dog food.  -D. Snader

      Thank you for providing such a great product ! I am a small breeder and have switched to using exclusively Excell Pro Pet Food products for my adult dogs as well as my puppies. The nutritional values of  Excell are wonderful and I am noticing larger and more uniform sized litters since I have been feeding Excell products. Another benefit to using your puppy food is the size of it, I start feeding the puppy food to my adult females as soon as I know that they are pregnant and continue to feed it until the litter is weaned, I have noticed that this makes the weaning process a lot easier and the puppies basically wean themselves ! Thanks again. -B. Martin  Myerstown Pa.

      I have been using Excell dog food for over a year. My little Morkie puppy only weighs 7 pounds, his coat is shiny and soft. Mugsy does not gain weight on this food. He seems to be much more content since we started to feed  him Excell dog food. I would recommend this for all dogs and puppies.     -Dean

      Thank you for a great puppy food, I'm a small breeder and have used lots of  puppy food , and the Excell puppy food is the best food out there. The young puppies start eating the small bites and never have any upset stomach or loose stool and they love it ! Thanks for the great dog food !!!!!!!!!!!       - Fischer's Dog Grooming  


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