August 10

G Slagill


I am so glad I tried Ex-Cell dog food for my Yorkshire Terrier, Rocco! It has changed my dog’s life!! I had him on dog food that was “all-natural” and “limited ingredient”. However, Rocco was suffering— his coat was not shiny and he developed scaly, itchy bumps on his back. They were flaky and looked so bad, in addition to being uncomfortable for him. My friends at work suggested the Ex-cell dog food. I looked into it and thought it was definitely worth a try. I am so pleased!! Within a week Rocco’s coat lost  those awful, scaly raised bumps. He actually enjoyed eating again! Rocco not only looks better, but he feels better too! I am so glad I found a dog food that is TRULY good for my dog!! Now I recommend this food to every dog owner I know!


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