About Us

three cute collie

Ex-cell Pro Pet Foods specialty formula was originally founded by a family of pet lovers that were concerned about the health and well being of their pets, and the pets of their friends, neighbors, and relatives. This concern started them down a long road of intense research and studies about blood nutrition. With the oversight and guidance of a blood nutritionist they developed the specialty vitamin and mineral pack (the Ex-Cell Vitamin Mineral Pack) that makes this dog food different than any other dog food on the market today.

After many hours of testing, and seeing the results of the Ex-Cell vitamin mineral pack, they incorporated this into a high quality dog food. This dog food has no by-products or fillers and the first and main ingredient is chicken! This led to the next step. Who would able to mass produce this to their high standards? After touring seventeen mills across the states they found the perfect mill for the job! The mill is ISO certified, meaning it meets the same standards it would need to meet if it handled human grade food.

In 2010, Darvin Weaver, who had been feeding Ex-cell, and seeing the amazing results, bought the business and is now marketing this high quality dog food with confidence. We are committed to keeping our dog food of the highest quality.

Please feel free to contact one of our friendly sales representative with any further questions or comments, or give us a call at 1-866-888-4465.